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Washing Machine Overflow Cleanup in the USA

Washing machines make life so much easier, but over usage of liquid detergent and internal problems might lead to overflow. Washing machine overflows may cause you a lot of damage including water and mold damage.

Removing soapy water from structures is harder than extracting just water. Moreover, wooden floors tend to soak up soapy water more and pose a higher threat of mold infestation. The presence of moisture attracts mold and mildew growth. Allow Next Level Restoration Services to assess the damages and clean up the mess caused by your washing machine. We offer water extraction to remove the overflowing excess water and structural drying to eliminate any moisture.

If you call us immediately, we may be able to clean up and prevent mold growth in time. Surprisingly, molds take only about 24-48 hours to germinate, so call us now at 844-201-5558 before molds take over.

Washing Machine Overflow Cleanup

Professional Appliance Overflow Cleanup

One of the most common and major reasons for a washing machine overflow is connection problems and supply lines leaking, which causes flood, water damage, and mold. With our extensive knowledge of appliance overflow cleanup, we will have your property dry in no time.

Next Level Restoration Services offers extensive cleanup and drying services for the following appliances:

Mold Remediation Specialists

Mold Remediation Specialists from Coast to Coast

Next Level Restoration Services offers mold remediation services all over the United States of America. We have highly-trained crew members who will carefully assess and recover all the damage caused by the overflowing. Our team has specialized mold testing and removal equipment that allows us to provide you with successful mold remediation.

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